The Greatest Trick Black T-shirt

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The Greatest Trick Black T-shirt

°The Greatest Trick
the devil ever pulled
was convincing me that he's around
He sweeps my legs
and pulls my hair
and breathes into my ear
And while I whirl and prance
and jump and twirl
my skin peeled
to spot him I could not
Just when I catch a glimpse
of fun and bliss
he stabs me in the eye
Much to my greater discontent
I may find out, I am
the evil in this world and so
the devil is none but I

°100% Cotton Heavy Weight T-Shirt
°Black Color with Bone White Ink Print
°Preshrunk jersey knit
°Regular Fit
°Made in Greece
°Hand-pulled Silkscreen Print done at Fuzz Ink. , ATH, GR.

.: Stay Filthy and Dance With the Devil :.